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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Mark Zuckerberg may be a light tipper, Matthew Fox may be a lady beater, and Joshua Jackson may not be putting a ring on Diane Krueger anytime soon.

Oh no! Mark Zuckerberg apparently did not tip, or left an unsatifactory tip, or tipped when he wasn't supposed to tip at dinner on his honeymoon in Rome. There's an IPO joke in there somewhere. Like this Who was doing his tipping, Morgan Stanley?! But funnier. [TMZ]

So, Dominic Monaghan, from Lost, told a Twitter follower over the weekend that Matthew Fox "he beats women.not isolated incidents.often." That is understandably not sitting well with Fox's camp, since the actor does have a history of drunken and loutish behavior, but has never been accused of beating up a lady, save for a female bus driver he was accused of clobbering in the vagina last year in Cleveland, though no charges were filed. "Sources" close to Fox denied the claim to TMZ and Perez Hilton. This seems like the good thing where, if Monaghan's wrong, he could be looking down the barrel at a lawsuit. Which he seems just fine with, adding in a follow-up tweet, "you can't suit someone for speaking the truth." So we shall see. [TMZ

It turns out that the $100,000 Birkin bag that Francesca Eastwood set ablaze for the purposes of fashion was a fake, at least according to one "Hermes expert." (Oh to be an Hermes expert! "The clowns with balloons on that $200 necktie are facing in the wrong direction." "That $175 pocket square is 15" x 15", not 16" x 16"!") The expert says the bag was fake, which means Twitter can call off the fashion fatwa against the Eastwoods. [Radar]

Joshua Jackson says he's in no hurry to marry Diane Kruger, which frankly speaking, from our perspective, is a mistake. At least he bought that $45,000 necklace for her at the party where Bill Clinton met the porn stars [New York Daily News]

The home where Amy Winehouse died is for sale, if you're interested. Asking price: $4.2 million.  [Page Six]

John Berman, a 17-year veteran at ABC, is leaving the network to "anchor and report" on CNN. [Playbook

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