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If we had 70,000 cultish followers, we'd probably do the same thing that creator Alexey Kouznetsov did with  the very-silly @Horse_ebooks Twitter account and use it as a key part of our credentials. After all, weren't we just reading about employers increasingly measuring people's Klout and social media presence as benchmarks for prospective employees (ok, was that just us?).  Anyways, for those of you unfamiliar with the Horse_ebooks Twitter account, well, we can't fully explain the fascination the Internet has with the account's mix of esoteric and sometimes so-out-there-they're-perfect tweets.  But Horse_ebooks aficionado Adrian Chen has been on the beat, and noticed that Kouznetsov is now touting his creation on his website (despite the refusal to take credit or speak about the meme in requested interviews).  Here's a screenshot of Kouznetsov's design website which shows his Horse_ebooks pride

Chen adds that Kouznetsov's "site also includes a link to Horse_ebooks' Twitter account and a New York Times blog post on the account: 'As seen on the New York Times and Gawker blogs. The Lite WebDesign team makes the news.'" We'd totally be laughing if we weren't in envy of his possibly job offers. Buzzfeed, are you listening?

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