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Today in sports: The Celtics lost and Doc Rivers picked up the least deserved technical foul in NBA history, the Miami Marlins are facing another delicate PR situation, and Tokyo's governor is disappointed in Tokyo's citizens. 

The Boston Celtics lost the first game of the Eastern Conference finals to the Miami Heat by 14 points, thanks in no small part to the fact that the team picked up a whopping five technical fouls. Head coach Doc Rivers at least feels his was unwarranted. This is backed up by video of his exchange with referee Ed Malloy, in which Rivers not-quite-come yells "Come on, Eddie!" and gets hit with a technical. Worst. Technical. Foul. Ever. [SLAM]

The Miami Marlins -- who have had some trouble this year with not using their new stadium as a homeless shelter and their manager popping off about how much he loves Fidel Castro -- sustained another ugly organizational black eye over the weekend when an 11-year-old girl named Emily Davis fell from a rock-climbing wall, sustaining a concussion. Her father says the steel cable that was supposed to be attached to her harness was not secured. The team says it will "continue to prioritize safety for all activities taking place at Marlins park” and wished Emily "well in her well in her continued recovery.” Because apologies are for wimps, and Ozzie Guillen. [via New York Daily News]

Also on the Miami sports beat: the Dolphins will appear on the latest iteration on HBO's NFL training camp semi-reality show Hard Knocks. New head coach Joe Philbin somewhat improbably labeled the move "a football decision." [Palm Beach Post]

David Remnick taught us that in addition to going down with a minimum degree of difficulty, athlete memoirs provide all sorts of valuable lessons about sex, fame, and why it's a bad idea to give your business manager your PIN number.  [PFT]

Curt Schilling's video game company has gone belly-up and laid off 391 employees. Rhode Island gave 38 Studios, the former Red Sox ace's pet project, a reported $75 million in tax breaks to relocate to Providence from Massachusetts in 2010, but the video-game publisher missed its May 15 payroll. Schilling, a very public Republican, is blaming the whole thing on Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, who said two weeks ago the state was fighting to keep the company "solvent." [Providence Journal]

Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara: not at all with the citizens of Tokyo for their lack of support of the prefecture's bid to host the 2020 Olympics. He called Tokyo citizens "spoiled" and "full of themselves" for not being enthusiastic enough about playing host to a traffic logjam/possible terrorist jamboree eight years in the future. [AP]


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