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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning, we bring you the gossip coverage filtered. Today: Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan get chummy, David Brooks departs Bethesda for D.C., and the Vogue editors will all be wearing pink tonight at the Costume Institute gala.

It seems Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan had dinner on Saturday at the "pricey Upper East Side eatery Philippe," where, according to Lindsay's mom Dina, they chatted about her career and whatnot. “He just believes in her talent," the elder Lohan told the New York Post, "and they’re really great friends." So, just to sum up: Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan are (allegedly) "really great friends." Nothing to see here. Move along.  [New York Post]

At tonight's Costume Institute gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art -- the one Kate Upton isn't getting comped for -- the Vogue editors apparently all will be in pink dresses. This was apparently Wintour's way of honoring Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian fashion designer who died 40 years ago and whose line is being relaunched. Never one to leave anything to chance, the Vogue editor apparently "asked the magazine’s editors to take pictures of themselves in their dresses, with a few different hairstyle options, and send them to the Vogue editor in chief," presumably to identify their best look. [WWD]

David Brooks is on the move. The New York Times columnist and his wife Sarah have sold their "longtime home near Bethesda’s Burning Tree Club" and are moving to a "century-old (exquisitely renovated) five bedroom, four-and-a-half bath house in Cleveland Park." The new place also includes "a two-car garage, iron and stone fence, generous-sized porch and balcony, and what appear to be vast spaces for entertaining." So welcome to the city, Brookses! And feel free to invite us over to enjoy those vast spaces anytime. [The Reliable Source]

Music producer Damon Dash was "remarkably calm," according to sources, when his Rolls-Royce Ghost collided with a taxicab Thursday night  in Manhattan en route to his birthday party at XVI lounge. Admirable restraint by you, Damon Dash. He was overheard grousing, "Oh man, it's my birthday" upon seeing the damage, but that is fair. [Page Six]

Joshua Dubois, President Obama's "faith-office director and spiritual adviser" and girlfriend Michelle Duff Mitchell got engaged over the weekend in a highly-romantic and complicated manner, which incorporated Mitchell's desire for a Yorkie puppy with her desire to get married. Mike Allen explains the scene:

On Saturday, Michelle and Joshua took a walk in Lafayette Park and encountered a couple with a beautiful Yorkie. Michelle cooed over the dog for several minutes until the owner said; "Actually, it's your dog!" She screamed in disbelief, then Josh asked: "What's that around the puppy's collar?" Michelle looked on the collar – and found a diamond ring. One knee later, she said “Yes.” Michelle walked into Joshua's office and found that her whole family had flown in to celebrate her birthday -- and their new life together.

Again: so complicated! But also so sweet! [Playbook]

In blind item fun: any guesses as to the identity of the "on the rise married TV executive" who is said to be having a "very public affair with a staffer he’s openly trying to promote"? It seems to have his newsroom "buzzing like a high school cafeteria." [Page Six]

A source told Jim Romenesko that "more than 50 people were laid off on the corporate side" of The New York Times late last week. The cuts included George Freeman, the longtime assistant general counsel (read: in-house lawyer) who told Romenesko he's "shocked and saddened" by the news. [Jim Romenesko via Fishbowl NY]

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