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Our readers love having an incisive discussion about Mad Men after reading Jen Doll's incisive analysis of the show, and Tuesday's was particularly sharp. Maybe because we had to wait an extra 24 hours? More likely it was because it was a good episode and a good post.

Commenter Nantucket_Girl has this clever insight into the story arcs of Joan Harris and Peggy Olson, and how they correspond to the sexual revolution:

What struck me most, and this was not mentioned in this article, was what strikingly different women Peggy and Joan are. In Peggy's conversation with Don, as he kept asking her what it would take for her to stay, she repeated, "There is no price." Peggy's indignity cannot be bought. Joan, on the other hand ...

It's no coincidence that it was only Joan who saw Peggy leave. As we get closer and closer to the Sexual Revolution, this episode begs the question: Who will be carrying the torch and who will be left behind? Brilliant episode.


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