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Things can get worse for David Sedaris. Not only has the humor author had his "truthiness" and integrity questioned by the editorial board at This American Life, it now appears that the show's notorious Foxconn fabulist, Mike Daisey, is coming to his defense. Daisey, whose scandal over made-up details about the Chinese gadget manufacturer may be fading, stuck his nose back into the fiction vs. non-fiction vs. lying vs. journalism debate with a face-palm inducing blog post this morning. But ... he does make some good points, echoing what we mentioned yesterday about how we don't really care one way or another about Sedaris's exaggerations, "First, no-one is upset with Mr. Sedaris' work. NO ONE," Daisy writes. "No one is listening to SANTALAND DIARIES and then saying to themselves, 'I am now informed about the true nature of Macy's elf policies from the early nineties, which is good as I am writing a PhD thesis on that very subject.'"  But just in case you were pondering the meta-ness of this all and believing in Mike Daisey again, he'll be the first to remind you that, it really is all about Mike Daisey:

Second, this is about me, not David Sedaris. It's about what I did on TAL, and how everyone, including me, agrees it was unethical. We've had an entire hour of TAL dedicated to retracting that episode, and then hundreds of articles across the world wherein every last person who writes for a newspaper agreed that my actions violated journalistic trust. I've been open with the media and spoken publicly repeatedly about my actions, and I've apologized fully and completely for those whose trust I've breached. I haven't vanished, I'm right here, and I'm accountable for the decisions I have made.

For Daisey's full defense of Mike Daisey head on over to his blog.

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