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#WhatShouldWeCallMe is a popular tumblr that has spawned multiple imitators, which is a good thing for any meme, but copies are proliferating so quickly, #What is at serious risk of killing itself like  "What I think I Do" and Sh-t Girls Say memes before it. Everyone's desire to be part of the inside joke is the the very thing that will destroy it—and quickly.

To catch those up who haven't already devoted minutes of their work day to giggling at #WhatShouldWeCallMe, it's, well ... just have a look. Okay, so it's a tumblr with a bonanza of the best animated GIFS around. You get the formula right? 

  • Specific event written out in big text
  • GIF representing the feeling/embodying the dissonance follows (bonus points if it's a GIF from The Hills)
  • Giggle
  • Fight, but give into desire to e-mail or g-chat links to event/GIF combination to friend 
  • Pick friend wisely (avoid ones that just type "ha")
  • Watch friendship bloom

Still don't believe me?  Watch:

When You Check Facebook and Your Ex Is Still Single, Has Encouragement Posts from Mom, and Gained Weight Since Dumping You:

Not funny? But the GIF is still good right? No Problem.  Well, just copy the formula make your own simple joke then, like these gay men living New York did, like this person did nuances of living in D.C., or this person did with going to school at Dartmouth or ... the  countless others that have replicated #What's solid formula and its near-perfect execution of GIF-shorthand.

That, friends, is the magic and potency of the inside joke. It makes you feel included, and allows you to forever live in that "you had to be there moment." Sh-t Girls Say captured that magic once, giving us different riffs on the original like Sh-t Spanish Girls SaySh-t White Girls Say to Black Girls, Sh-t Mimes Say and was eventually destroyed by diminishing returns as more and more people tried to get in on it, which takes away the beauty of an inside joke in the first place. The same fate awaited the "What I Do" meme which burned so bright and so fast. We incorrectly predicted it would last longer than it did because of its ease of replication, but that ended up becoming its downfall.

We can't help but feel we've come to the moment of the #WhatShouldWeCallMe meme as we did with the tipping points of the "this is how I see it" memes before it. After all, when someone at Duke puffs his/her chest and, we're guessing with a smarmy smile, sends his/her animated GIF depicting the frustration of a vending machine into the soundless abyss of the Internet hoping to get some virtual pats on the back or validation from the faceless masses--that means a meme is just about on its last legs, right?  So, in honor of the soon-to-be-replicated-to-death #WhatShouldWeCallMe, we leave you with this final message:

When You Tell Us You're Thinking About Making Your Own Version of #WhatShouldWeCallme

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