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If you were Jaguar, how would you have felt about Sunday's episode of Mad Men, in which the head of Jaguar's dealers association extorts the ad agency, promising to approve its campaign in return for a night with office manager Joan Harris?

Well, Advertising Age's Rich Thomaselli had the smart idea to ask JaguarUSA's David Pryor, a vice president of brand development. He said the twist was a "surprise" but they were still glad to have their cars on the show. Per Thomaselli:

"Obviously it was kind of tainted ... with the storyline," said Mr. Pryor, formerly the chief marketing officer at Porsche North America. "We would agree with Don's position that the best creative should win, not something that was less than above-board. At the end of the day, though, we're confident that people know it's a fictional character."

But would Pryor have bought "At last, something beautiful you can truly own" as a slogan?

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