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Nothing gets commenters going like a TSA outrage story: Responses to Alex Abad-Santos' post about an 18-month-old who made the no-fly list ranged from snarky to serious, but the two that made us snort imagined the baby as an actual terrorist.

First there was this healthy dose of sarcasm from commenter Daniel Kim

Well, I, for one, am glad that the TSA is so diligent and alert. They offer no compromise when it comes to our safety in air travel. A 'toddler' indeed! Truly, Evil knows no bounds of age or cuteness. What a monstrous thing it is to have brainwashed a tiny child into becoming a willing carrier of explosives!

Then Bill echoed a thought that has, admittedly, entered our own heads from time to time:

A full diaper in an airliner IS grounds to be a terrorist event.  

If I were the ticket agent I would have seated her next to the Business Class section.

Maybe the TSA made the wrong call in letting that baby on the plane after all. Toddlers: Is there anything more insidious—insidiously adorable?

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