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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: John Mayer just can't shake the Jennifer Aniston-era of his life, so he wrote her an inoffensive pop song to show he cared., Tiger Woods is acting like the same old Tiger in Las Vegas, and Maggie Gyllenhaal gives birth to a hopefully non shift-shirking individual

It seems that Tiger Woods is "back on the prowl in Vegas," despite all the trouble he got into a few years back for prowling for things. On Saturday, the unraveling golf icon "was surveying bikini-clad girls at the Liquid Pool at Aria Resort and Casino on Saturday." Woods himself apparently made a low-key entrance through the back door and relaxed in a cabana with a few male friends and 'good-looking girls,' said witnesses." Predictably, anarchy brooke out once "a group of women began fighting to get his attention." Says a source, who has be in the Woods camp, since we can't totally buy that legions of young women went bonkers for a washed-up job with a bum ankle, receding hairline, and wandering eye. Oh well: the source insists, "[T]here was a frenzy . . . many girls were trying to get up to his cabana, but were unsuccessful." [Page Six]

It seems that Esquire restaurant critic John Mariani wants Joe Bastianich, the co-owner of Babbo, to know he'll never eat in one of his restaurants again because Bastianich referred to him as a "self-righteous, condescending p - - - k" in his new memoir Restaurant Man, in response to a negative comment Mariani made a long time ago about Babbo. Mariani says he doesn't remember the Babbo dressing down, but does remember singing the chef's praises in recent years, putting him in Esquire's "Hall of Fame." That he could overlook all that shocks Mariani. ’"[I]t's difficult to imagine you are truly the son of your ever cordial, ever civilized parents,” Mariani writes Bastianich. “You obviously do lack the balls ever to have said any of this to my face in the past 20 years.”[Page Six]

(Alleged) Park Slope co-opt shift shirker Maggie Gyllenhaal is a mom for the second time. Gyllenhaal and husband Peter Skarsgaard confirmed the birth, which happened almost two weeks ago in New York. The new gal, their second girl, is called Gloria Ray. [Us Weekly]

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston went their separate ways nearly three years ago, but a source says Mayer's decent-ish new single "Shadow Days" is "about Jen," adding "It really took him a long time to get over her. He really loved her a lot." This information, while vaguely depressing, is also hilarious and silly above all else. The fact John Mayer would need three years to exorcize the demons from his relationship with a TV actress -- not just any TV actress, but Jennifer Aniston -- is an exercise in loopy self-importance. Plenty of guys have memories of ones they never quite let get away, but they hold on to them and revisit their small, good thing at their leisure. Not John Mayer: he's written a song about the sad-seeming gal he split with three years ago, clearly getting the word out, in the hopes she -- and this is tough -- dumps Justin Theroux because Mayer wrote a song about her? Maybe he just wants them to exchange meaningful parting glances at some point, ideally while one of them is boarding a freighter, or climbing the gangplank to get on-board a Zeppelin? It's not a very well thought-out scheme, as passive aggressive attempts to tell a girl you still like her go. [Us Weekly]

It seems that Madonna "has been quietly renting a secluded, $6 million mansion in Water Mill since January." Which raises an obvious question: what's she up to? Unclear! She already has "a $32 million Upper East Side mansion and the $5 million Bridgehampton horse farm she bought in 2009 from Kelly Klein." Is the new place that much more private and secluded and able to allow Madge to be alone with her own  thoughts like, "I was a real jerk to Warren Beatty in Truth or Dare." Not likely: a more plausible scenario is that Madonna enjoys the solitude of her horse farm, but not the actually horses, because they have dander have never even heard of Madonna. "The 8,500-square- foot, seven-bedroom home sits on three acres" in Walter Mill is kind of like that, but with none of those fancy horse-types to imply her time has come and gone. [Page Six]

This sounds fun: "Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, NPR Digital Editorial Coordinator Elise Hu and Lara Andre are hosting a book party for GQ Correspondent and NYT Magazine Contributor Robert Draper‘s new book [Do Not Ask What Good We Do] at Parker’s Georgetown home Tuesday night." (Andre, it seems, is Draper's "longtime girlfriend.") Draper's book is about the House of Representatives, so you can count on multiple Congressmen joining the media types to gently ask Draper some variation on the question, "But the work I do, that's solid work, right? Nutrition and Horticulture is a valuable committee." [Fishbowl DC]

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