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Welcome back to the Box Office Report where even we're getting a little tired of The Avengers' domination.

1. Marvel's The Avengers (Buena Vista): $55 million in 4,249 theatres [Week 3]

All of the great dynasties three-peat. Michael Jordan did it twice, and, if we're being honest, Captain America would totally dunk on "his airness," and have a better batting average in minor league baseball. So it's only fitting that The Avengers is still on top.

It took less than three weeks for the movie to hit the $450 million mark, an all time record, and it's sitting on $457 million domestically right now. It's already grossed over a billion dollars world wide. It's about to pass Star Wars on the all time domestic earners list, but it should be considered that the price for a Star Wars ticket would be about a quarter of what you're paying to see The Avengers

2. Battleship (Universal): $25.3 million in 3,690 theaters

This isn't really a great opening when you consider the movie cost $209 million, but at least it seems to be popular. Lawson liked it, and so did Will Leitch. Roger Ebert called it "Transformers with better characters and a third act" and we thought the first and third Transformers movies were a lot of fun. The best way to put this is, if you like things that go boom then you'll probably like this movie. We could see it hanging around the top five without ever putting up dominating numbers. 

3. The Dictator (Paramount): $17.4 million in 3,008 theaters

This is taking in less money than the Bruno movie, which is a terrible sign. Da Ali G Show, where Ali G, Borat and Bruno all originated, aired from 2003 to 2004 and was a cult hit. It was on HBO before it was cool to be on HBO. Borat was the only movie that was a runaway success. Sacha Baron Cohen is like the Nas of comedians, one hot character every ten year average. 

4. Dark Shadows (WB): $12.8 million in 3,755 theaters [Week 2]

Speaking of people who have been on a downward spiral since 2003, Johnny Depp! Consider his three roles before the first Pirates movie: Chocolat, Blow, From Hell. We miss that Johnny Depp. 

5. What to Expect When You're Expecting (Lionsgate): $10.5 million in 3,021 theaters

This is a pretty low opening for a movie that's loaded from top down with famous people who probably cost a lot. A lot of them are from TV, sure, and Dennis Quaid will do any movie you ask him to (he must owe so many people so many favors). But Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Rock don't come cheap. Cameron Diaz won't even fart on screen anymore for less than $7 million. 

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