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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Jeopardy! is coming to D.C., Barbra Streisand is looking for some hip, young collaborators, and Carla Bruni plots a comeback.

It seems that Barbra Streisand -- on the heels of her $30 million contract extension with Sony music -- is being being pushed to record "an album of duets with young, hip artists" like Adele and Rihanna. That is pretty young and hip! [Page Six]

Chris Hemsworth -- Thor from Thor and also Thor from The Avengers -- and wife Elsa Pataky had a baby on Friday and named it India. In the annals of oddball celebrity baby names, India doesn't seem so bad, but Hemsworth felt the need to explain the moniker on E! News. "It was just a name we liked, I always kind of liked Indie or Indiana for a boy and she liked India," he said. "We sorta went, 'Oh well, whether it's a boy or girl that will decide.' It just seemed to fit." So there you have it. [E! Online]

This is interesting: Prince William is entitled to a payout of over £10 million from Princess Diana's will next month when he turns 30. there's speculation in the British tabloids that if he takes the money, he could use it to buy his first house with Kate Middleton "possible close to Prince Charles' Highgrove estate." [The Daily Mail]

Jeopardy! is kicking off D.C. "Power Players" week tonight with a guest roster that includes CNN's Lizzie O'Leary, Chris Matthews, and Robert Gibbs. Who will win? Who will lose? Who won't be able to figure out how the buzzer works? [Playbook]

Guys, guys, guys: Carla-Bruni-Sarkozy -- the wife of vanquished French president Nicolas Sarkozy -- is planning a triumphant comeback to the world of music. According to her spokesperson, she'll release an untitled new album just in time for Christmas, which would seem to suggest she was working on it even before her husband was defeated by Francois Hollande, just in case. [The Telegraph via The Reliable Source]

Uh-oh: a sex tape that allegedly features model Tyson Beckford is "being shopped around the adult entertainment community." The community! Sources say that in the video, Beckford ""makes references to some of the movies he's appeared in... talks about some of his co-stars... [and] also reveals one of his pet peeves -- being mistaken for Tyrese Gibson." Beckford's camp says it hasn't seen the alleged footage, and won't comment until they see the material being shopped to members of the community. [TMZ]

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