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The season finale of SNL was bittersweet as the show said what's likely its final goodbyes to Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis. 

Two moments in particular felt like the closing moments for two of SNL's breakout stars, Wiig and Samberg, who are suspected to be leaving the show after this season. They usually don't confirm show departures until the summer. 

The show's final sketch had Mick Jagger as the host of a graduation ceremony, with the SNL cast in full cap n' gown. Right at the front of the pack, though, were Wiig and Sudeikis. Jagger invites "Tristan" (maybe he's saying Kristen but it sure sounds like Tristan) up on stage because she's "leaving to become a nun" so they prepared her a song.

The Arcade Fire plays "She's a Rainbow" as each SNL cast member gets a chance to share a dance and say goodbye to Wiig. It starts to get a little dusty when she dances with Bobby Moynihan, whose face is scrunched up as he's trying not to cry, and then it's down the emotional roller coaster  from there. She dances a jig with Seth Myers, and shares an intimate slow dance with Jason Sudeikis. While Wiig dances with Lorne Michaels, you can see Jason Sudeikis taking a deep breath to collect himself. Maybe we're allergic to something in here, that must be it. Eventually the band segues into "Ruby Tuesday" and everyone there for the tapings joins the cast on stage. 

For last night's Digital Short, Andy Samberg reunited with former cast member Chris Parnell for "Lazy Sunday 2," a sequel to the viral smash song about seeing Chronicles of Narnia from 2005. The song is brilliant, of course, and we can't even reprint half of the punchlines. This time they're getting brunch and seeing Sister Act on broadway. There's a joke about Siri in the first line. There's a parkour/dubstep breakdown in the middle. Parnell gets his own Hova-style "allow me to reintroduce myself" verse. Samberg calls himself "Young Sandwich," which might be the best fake rap name ever thought up. They take a shot at Magnolia Bakery. The song ends with Samberg rapping, "On these New York streets I hone my fake rap penmanship," Parnell saying, "that's how it began," and Samberg closing with, "And that's how I'm a finish it." 

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