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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: ScarJo returns to the White Way, Randy Jackson gives us a gift, and Phil Phillips is a success.

Boobs McGee, excuse me Scarlett Johansson, won a kind of undeserved Tony Award a few years back for A View From the Bridge (her costar Jessica Hecht was just so much better), and now she's headed back to Broadway for another classic revival. It's been announced that next year Johansson will play Maggie the Cat in Tennessee Williams' Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, perhaps opposite either Chris Pine or Jeremy Renner, who are listed as possibilities to play Brick, Maggie's secret-gay husband. So, that should be interesting! If nothing else, it's respectable that Johansson clearly likes theater and is willing to take the time to do it. That's what we'll say about that. [The New York Times]

Famous owl hooter Randy Jackson has sold a singing competition show to MTV that will have groups made up of siblings battling it out for a top prize. Oh my god. Do you guys realize what this might mean? America could find its Jedward. Long have we waited for our very own Jedward, and now we might finally find it. Thank you, Randy Jackson! [Deadline]

Steven Spielberg's Robopocalypse, about a robot calypso band, is officially scheduled to come out on April 25th, 2014. Which is interesting because that is the future and we will likely all be dead at that point so this whole thing is kind of moot. Ah, well. But while we're on the topic, Robopocalypse: Worst title ever or worst title ever? [Variety]

Phil Phillips is a hit! The raspy, growly American Idol winner with the cute smile and the bad kidneys has sold nearly 300,000 copies of his debut single, the surprisingly decent Winner's Song "Home." Close to 300,000??? Why that's more singles than poor old Lee DeWyze will sell in a lifetime! That's like ten times the amount of ten times the amount of albums that Blake Lewis hopes to sell. We made it, America! Idol, once broken, is now fixed. C'mere and give us a hug, Phillip. No, seriously. C'mere. Come on. Just come here. Don't run! Come back! [Entertainment Weekly]

Showtime has renewed its series Nurse Jackie for a fifth season. And you know that that means: More swears! Woohoo for swears! Hopefully they'll renew The Big C soon and then we'll have double the swears. Showtime: It's not TV, it's swears. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here is a first clip from Brad Pitt's Cannes sensation film Killing Them Softly, in which he basically says the title of the film and it's somehow not corny. It helps that he's talking to the great Richard Jenkins and that they're coldly talking about murdering people, kinda hard to be corny about that, but yeah, we think this could be a good movie.

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