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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Mary-Kate Olsen is dating a Sarkozy, Paramount's got some big plans for fixing the new GI Joe, and Chris Matthews is now grandfather to a small baby.

What's Paramount going to do with nine months to tinker with GI Joe: Redemption before its new, improved release date in the spring of 2013. 3D reshoots, for one thing, and there'a slso talk that Channing Tatum's character may be brought back, despite the notable handicap of having died in the first movie and gone on to more challenging work, like Magic Mike. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Mary-Kate Olsen is dating Olivier Sarkozy. He's the managing director of the Carlyle Group, but for our purposes he's much for famous for being the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Apparently they've been going out "about a month" and are "head over heels" for each other. He's 42, she's 25.  [Page Six]

Bee Shaffer: apparently single! Word is that the daughter of Vogue editrix Anna Wintour has broken things off with comedy writer Jake Hurwitz, her boyfriend of the last two years. [Gatecrasher]

Meet the Press executive producer Betsy Fischer tied the knot with Politico senior reporter Jonathan Martin in Virginia over the weekend. Congratulations! Party favors included pastries from "The Political Cookie Company." Martin "thanked the troops during his speech." [Fishbowl DC]

Rihanna has apparently been "quietly keeping time together for weeks" with mercurial New York Knicks forward J.R. Smith. Sources say they were "definitely hanging out" in Miami on Thursday, when Smith got pinched by South Beach police on an outstanding warrant for driving without a license. [Gatecrasher]

Chris Matthews: grandfather! [MSNBC]

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