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Today in sports: RG3 makes uniform history, Atlantic City wants to legalize sports betting by the end of the year, and the French Open starts this weekend.

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback/preemptive local hero Robert Griffin III will be the first -- or one of the first, since others will be doing it -- athletes in the history of American professional sports to have a roman numeral on his jersey, thanks to a conveniently-timed rule change by the NFL. Timely, that rule change. [Uni Watch]

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is swearing that Atlantic City could have legalized sports betting by the end of the year. "We intend to go forward and allow sports betting to happen," Christie said at a press conference on Thursday. "If someone wants to stop us, then let them try to stop us." That statement probably won't play well in the pivotal swing state of Nevada should Christie become Mitt Romney's running mate.  []

Tennis junkies, take note: Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are in the same half of the draw -- the top half, the best half -- at the French Open, which starts Sunday in Paris. [The New York Times]

Speaking of the French Open, Time has a very thorough preview. The consensus: watch out for Rafael Nadal. He's back. (Maybe.) [Time]

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