Rihanna's Acting Out; George Clooney's Worried About His Safety

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Rihanna hasn't been feeling well, George Clooney will have his own security detail at his big fancy fundraiser for President Obama, and John Travolta's flight records contradict the claims of Anonymous Masseur 1.

Rihanna got sick and needed an IV drip after the Costume Institute gale on Tuesday night. A few days earlier, she had to beg out of performing during rehearsal of Saturday Night Live, ostensibly because she had a sore throat, which didn't please Lorne Michaels one bit. Sources blame Rihanna's recent lack of staying power on "excessive partying and not slowing down," because she wants to get back at her record label for overworking her. Which will do it to you every time. [Page Six]

Flight records show that John Travolta couldn't have been pawing Anonymous Masseur 1 at 10 AM at the Beverly Hills Hotel on January 16 because flight tracking data shows "Travolta's jet took off from Los Angeles International Airport at 8:21 PM on January 15, 2012 and landed at 3:59 AM the next morning in Westchester County, NY." Thus, the pawing could not have taken place at the time and place alleged. There are also time-stamped paparazzi photos of Travolta outside his New York hotel throughout the day, which eliminates the possibility he ducked back to California for a quick groping session. [TMZ]

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Security at George Clooney (and Jeffrey Katzenberg's) fundraiser for President Obama tomorrow night is going to be tight. Super-tight. Along with the usual Secret Service cadre, the LAPD and California Highway Patrol (CHiPS!) will be on-hand to lend their expertise. LAPD has even supposedly enlisted its Counter Terrorist Unit to keep the president and stars and moguls and their plus-ones safe. Reportedly, Clooney has even hired "a special security team to oversee his own personal safety," which comes equipped with "air support," in case a scorned Italian lady wants to threaten George Clooney from a zeppelin.  [TMZ]

Police sources say that an envelope containing white powder, labeled "weaponized Anthrax" (it wasn't really weaponized Anthrax) was delivered to the home of New York Times assistant managing editor Susan Chiran last night. Chiran's husband Mark Shapiro received delivery of the envelope, which also apparently "bore a skull and bones insignia and a swastika sticker." Police are said to be investigating the incident as a hate crime. [New York Daily News]

Anna Faris: pregnant! [Radar]

Beyoncé: not pregnant, but wants to be, many, many more times. "I don't know how many," she told Entertainment Tonight. "God knows. I don't know yet." So prepare yourself, New York City birthing suites. [Via New York Daily News

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