The Return of Arsenio Hall

Today: Arsenio might be back, Justin Bieber heads to TV, and CNN is in the pits.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Arsenio might be back, Justin Bieber heads to TV, and CNN is in the pits.

Hey, look at that. Fresh off his Celebrity Apprentice win, erstwhile talk show host turned sad punchline Arsenio Hall might be returning to regular television. He's in early talks with an arm of CBS TV to create some kind of syndicated talk show that would mark his first regular TV gig since that show Martial Law about the Hong Kong police detective coming to America to kick butt and crack jokes. So what do you think? Is America ready for full-time Arsenio again? Show of whoops, who's interested? (Show of woots? Show of woos? What was it?) Just as long as this doesn't happen again, we're probably fine with it. [Deadline]

One complaint that people have about HBO's Game of Thrones is that there just aren't enough characters. It's a great show, but there are simply too few people on it. Well, don't fear. The showrunners have heard your cries and will be introducing some more folks next season. Who might our new friends be? Well, we'll finally meet the Reed siblings, who have been conspicuously absent from the Bran storyline this season. And Daenerys will get her Daario. Also we'll be seeing Edmure Tully (referred to here as "brash and young" so maybe they're looking to add more bearded ladybait) and of course Mance Rayder and Beric & Thoros, who have presumably been roaming the forest doing their thing this whole time. So that is exciting! We're most intrigued about the Reed kids, who are some of the most elusive and intriguing characters in the books. Might we actually go to the home of the Crannogmen? Could be good. So yay, be glad! More names and faces to remember. We know you've been deeply wishing for that. [Entertainment Weekly]

NBC, desperate for someone, anyone to watch their network, has decided to air a Justin Bieber concert special on June 21st. Justin Bieber: All Around the World will follow the gamine young performer for twelve days of his Believe world tour. So the hour-long special will have backstage stuff in addition to the performances. Justin Bieber of course made a big concert film called Never Say Never that grossed a bajillion dollars a little while back, but now he's doing a one-hour TV special for NBC. Well, times are tough for everyone, so. Anyway, good get, NBC. Be sure to air a pointed rerun of Law & Order SVU right after as a warning/lesson to anyone over the age of 16 who may have been watching the special. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Oh dear. Prepare thyselves, Wings fans. Ol' Joe Hackett himself Tim Daly has been fired from his current gig on the beachside doctor series Private Practice. Apparently his character got shipped off to jail for a noble reason at the end of this last season (spoiler alert? Eh, the one lady who watches this show probably isn't reading this) and will not be coming back. They decided not to renew his contract for some reason. Daly, whose resume is a cluttered elephant graveyard of scuttled half-start series and other TV gigs, Tweeted out the bad news and that's that. No more sexy doctor escapades for poor old Tim Daly. Now it's on to the next big whatever. [Deadline]

In other vaguely depressing television news, Andie MacDowell has agreed to star on the Hallmark Channel's first original series. It's a show called Bloodskunk, about a crazy sociopath woman who comes to town and murders and tortures everything she can get her hands on for her own sick pleasure. This is all part of Hallmark's rebranding effort, which also includes the new slogan "The Hallmark Channel: You're Not Gonna F-cking Believe It." Well, OK, no, that's not true. The series is actually called Cedar Cove and is based on a series of books by Debbie Macomber. On the show, which will start as a two-hour movie, MacDowell plays a small town judge who helps families. So. That sounds... Sigh. [The Hollywood Reporter]

On the serious side, CNN had its worst primetime ratings in 20 years this past month. Which probably means cutbacks, meaning that Wolf Blitzer will no longer be able to put the fancy brand of confectioner's sugar in his snowy white beard anymore, it's back to the generic stuff Wolfie, and that Ashleigh Banfield is going to have to stop throwing out her glasses every day after using them to light a celebratory post-show cigar. Come on, people. Time to tighten those belts. [Deadline]

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