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In just under a month, the latest Pixar movie, Brave, will make its debut on screen and the credits will have a special dedication to a fallen member of the Pixar team: Steve Jobs. 

In case we need to jog your memory, Jobs was a co-founder and CEO at Pixar, so it makes some sense that they would dedicate the first Pixar movie after his death to him. It's not one of his last wishes, but it's still a nice tip o' the hat from the studio to someone supremely important to their success. But Brave isn't the first Pixar-affiliated movie to carry a dedication to Jobs since his passing. The horrid financial burden that was John Carter had a dedication to Jobs during the end credits, too

Carter wasn't a Pixar movie, but it was produced by Disney and directed by Andrew Stanton, who got to do JC because of his unheralded and little-seen indie movies Finding Nemo and Wall-E. We'll admit to chortling when the Jobs dedication came across the screen when we saw John Carter, but only because that movie was a massive, lumbering technological failure, something Jobs probably would have hated. Brave, though, is a potential Oscar movie for Pixar, and the dedication is supposedly done tastefully. In the movie, will-o’-the-wisps are said to lead people to their destiny. A will-o’-the-wisp dances around Jobs' name during the dedication, ensuring that techies everywhere shed a tear and show their girlfriends their sensitive side. 

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