Natalie Portman Gets a Gun

Today: Natalie Portman heads west, Bobby Cannavale does too, and one of the X-Men is gay.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Natalie Portman heads west, Bobby Cannavale does too, and one of the X-Men is gay.

One of the hot properties currently courting buyers at the Cannes Film Festival is a Natalie Portman/Lynne Ramsay collaboration called Jane Got a Gun, which is of course a feature-length adaptation of the Aerosmith song. No, no, actually more interestingly it's a Western about a frontierswoman who has to defend her farm when her husband comes home riddled with bullet wounds but still alive and the guys that done up 'n shot him come looking to finish him off. Apparently there's some sort of former lover character who Portman enlists to help her, but here's hoping it's mostly her wielding a gun and shrieking "Get off my property!" much like she did briefly in Cold Mountain. Plus it's Lynne Ramsay directing, so maybe it'll all be crazy and artsy and then Kevin (who we still need to talk about) will come by with his trusty bow & arrow to help out. Someone buy this movie already! [The Hollywood Reporter]

New York theater staple (and onetime boyfriend of Will Truman) Bobby Canavale has joined the cast of Woody Allen's next movie, alongside Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, and Bradley Cooper. I think this is the one being filmed in San Francisco? Because Woody Allen hates New York now or something? Who knows, the point is that it's a comedy and Bobby Cannavale is now in it which is a good thing because Bobby Cannavale is funny. Next time you have a chance, go see him in a play. He's very good. It'll be a nice cultural time and you'll get the added benefit of not only knowing Bobby Cannavale from Will & Grace. [Deadline]

Fresh off the disappointment of his big HBO series Luck getting canceled because it was the number one killer of horses after Catherine the Great's jealous rages, actor Jason Geddrick has gotten a nice consolation prize in the form of a sizable guest arc on Dexter. He'll play a strip club owner, which isn't too far in the sleaze department from a guy who hangs around the racetrack, so he should be in familiar territory. No word of course on whether he'll be a suspect or a victim (or neither), we just know that his club will be involved in an investigation. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Who will win American Idol on Thursday night?? Apparently Vegas odds are heavily favoring Phil Phillips' scratchy-voiced dreamboat antics, but some sort of social media researcher/analyzer/ grifter is saying that it's a good shot it will be teen screamer Jessica Sanchez. So basically people are guessing, between two people. Hopefully those same guessers and being paid to do this guessing, because I'd hate to think that such noble services went without reward. That's not how America should work, I don't think. [Deadline]

Uh oh. Cue the outrage machine. Apparently there's some kind of gay wedding plotline in the works for a future installment of the X-Men comics. It seems that Wolverine and Cyclops will finally drop this whole Jean Grey charade and follow their true passions. Ha, well, no. We can wish. In fact it's not clear which character will turn out to be gay — there a million of these dudes running around in tight spandex, so just pick one — but one of them will be and they will be getting gay married. So that's progress! Here's hoping it's not something gross though like Beast and Sabertooth. Bears are great and all, but those guys are just furry. Not Furries. But furry. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here is a trailer for Finding Nemo 3D, in case you forgot what Finding Nemo was about or were thinking the plot might be different now that they've gone and added another dimension. Welp, no, it's basically the same. They still have to find Nemo. And, I'm guessing, they still do.

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