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Last night was New York's most fabulous social event, the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit. It's a chance for numerous celebrities to don daring, avant garde looks and show off to their friends. This year metallics and long trains were very popular, with many attendees looking both classical and futuristic. Let's take a look at some of the red carpet highlights!

Lady Anna Wintour, the Grand Dowager of Winterfell.

Carey Mulligan: Judy Jetson is all grown up.

Tim Tebow: "This is fun, but you're all still godless heathens."

The Lana Del Rey witch! Does she bring blessings or curses?

Darren Criss is just very good at wearing tuxedos. 

Nina Dobrev's dress can be conveniently converted into a haunted carnival tent.

Lena Dunham was very careful not to wear a white dress.

Chloe Sevigny channeling Sienna Miller channeling Edie Sedgwick.

Look! A robot!

January Jones: Look, another robot.

Christina Ricci: "The dress was inspired by the napkins at hotel restaurants."

Lea Michele is never not at an event, is she.

Kirsten Dunst: "Make it quick! I must be on the 8:30 zeppelin to Stuttgart."

Aw! The robot found a friend and it is an old birch tree.

Ashley Olsen: "Leave this place, Harry. You are in great danger."

Scarlett Johansson: Party on the bottom, elaborate vase in grandma's living room on the top.

Sarah Jessica Parker's dress is Laura Ingalls Wilder for Coldwater Creek.

Later this year, Florence Welch will serve as the Christmas tree in a gay couple's Palm Springs living room.

Cate Blanchett, terrific as always.



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