'Maybe the French Secret Service Hired Maids at All Major Hotels'

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Nothing has been cut and dry in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case, especially Strauss-Kahn's claim his encounter with Nafissatou Diallo was entirely consensual and he was set up, and at this point our readers readily mock suggestions his version could be the truth.

When a commenter on Alex Abad-Santos's story about Strauss-Kahn's counter-suit against Diallo suggested the former French presidential hopeful was right to sue if he's "truly innocent," the claws came out. Commenter mhwood was particularly sharp:

Hilarious. On the one hand, maybe the French Secret Service hired maids at all major hotels, waiting for DSK to check in. Or maybe, just like 2 other women on record, but before it was made public, Ms. Diallo was sexually assaulted. So hard to decide what's more plausible.

Good point, but stranger things have happened in the DSK case.

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