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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Liam Neeson is going to kick butt again, Gwyneth Paltrow is going to speak Spanish, and an old friend gets a good job.

What would Liam Neeson do without a gun and a scowl? Those are his favorite things now that he's decided to become an action star instead of a Serious Actor. I mean, he's serious in his action movies, but not actorly serious. Anyway, he's just signed on to grab another gun and put on another scowl in the cheerily named A Walk Among the Tombstones, about an ex-cop who is hired to track down a kidnapped woman and in the process uncovers a string of murders. One hopes/assumes that Maggie Grace will play the kidnapped woman and that the villains will be played wolves. They won't be wolves, they'll just be played by wolves. And, of course, the little boy from Love Actually (who is now 22, jesus christ) will cameo as a drummer. [Deadlline]

Yay! Landry has made good. Or, rather, made Bad. Jessie Plemons of Friday Night Lights has secured a big role on the next season of Breaking Bad, arguably TV's best show. He'll play a nice, normal guy who maybe isn't so nice and normal on the inside. Sounds intriguing! Apparently Plemons also scored a role in Paul Thomas Anderson's next movie, so seriously way to go Landry. In related news, Matt Saracen made me eggs this morning and then we just cuddled in bed for a while and it was a nice way to start the day. [TV Line]

Uh oh. Angel-blessed dust mote Gwyneth Paltrow is looking to join Antonio Banderas in Guernica 33 Days, a movie about Picasso painting his famous war painting. From the article: "Paltrow speaks Spanish, having lived as an exchange student for a year in Spain at age 15." Oh god, so she's going to be speaking Spanish in this? Remember how that was on that Mario Batali show? Won't it be exciting to watch a couple hours of this?? Maybe that video is her audition! Who knows! We don't speak Spanish! It could be anything! [Variety]

The CW has released teasers of its new shows, and whoooo boy. They're not very good teasers? They're just kind of muted clips that abruptly end. The most coherent one is for Beauty and the Beast, because yes The CW is opening that old chest again. Gone is Linda Hamilton and in is Kristin Kreuk, who has a way deeper voice than you expect? I know she was on Smallville for a million years, so I should have heard her voice at some point, but I hadn't and I was expecting a little birdly squeak but instead it's low and scratchy and, I dunno, kinda works! We barely glimpse whatever hunk The CW found to play the Beast, but you can bet he won't be that beastly. Because they couldn't do that. We've embedded that preview, the other two are at the link. [Deadline]

And here is a trailer for The Words, a sort of fable-looking kind of thing about a frustrated author who passes a long-lost book off as his own and things begin to unravel. It has an interesting cast — Zoe Saldana, Dennis Quaid, Jeremy Irons among them — and the filming looks kinda cool, but I don't know. Bradley Cooper, y'know? Bradley Cooper. It's a problem.

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