Kim Dotcom Is the Next Taylor Swift

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Why not? Dotcom is blond, has similar interests as a 16-year-old girl, and as of last night, has a song calling out a boy who did him wrong. Yes, the giraffe-loving, bubble-bath taking Megaupload one-time master of the universe can now add Pop Star to his résumé with his new song "Amnesia" (produced by the same production team we can blame for the Black Eyed Peas), a tune that slams a local New Zealand politico named John Banks.  And no, we aren't sure which part of that last sentence is the oddest.

The New Zealand Herald loosely describes Dotcom's new track (below) as a rap song (in the vein of Ke$ha's "rapping") aimed at Banks, who Dotcom alleges asked for and received donations to his campaign, but later denies having anything to do with Dotcom. (Amnesia? Get it!?) Substitute "donations" for brief a fleeting romantic affair and you have the foundation of Swift's discography. Have a listen, and of course cue the inevitable Megaupload joke.

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