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Something just seems right about Neil Strauss signing on to write Kim Dotcom's biography: They're a pair made in dweeb-turned-douche heaven.

The journalist who made his fame writing about the "seduction community" and now calls himself as the "world's most legendary pick-up artist" seems like exactly the kind of guy to delve into the psyche of the internet pirate most frequently photographed surrounded by bikini babes and/or $400,000 sports cars. There's certainly an air of overcompensation about both of them. 

In breaking the news that Strauss would write the biography, The Hollywood Reporter's Daniel Miller talked to Dotcom's friend Alex Mardikian, who said of the meeting: "[Dotcom and Strauss] hit it off ... Sure enough, it was beautiful." We're guessing he means stripper's g-string beautiful rather than ocean sunset beautiful. While there are no specifics about the book. Miller notes that Strauss has his own mini-imprint at HarperCollins called Igniter, which has released such titles as The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage (by Roxana Shirazi) and The Man Behind the Nose, an autobiography of Bozo the Clown.

There's also word of a Dotcom documentary to be produced by Donovan Leitch, Jr., singer for Camp Freddy (and formerly Nancy Boy) and son of famous folkie Donovan. When all these "cool" guys get together to drink Goldschlager and figure out how to tell Dotcom's story, it's going to be one beautiful party indeed.

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