Kate Upton Pays Her Way; Better Know a Kushner

Kate Upton shuns freebies, learning the difference between Tony Kushner and David Kushner the hard way, and Lady Gaga is a single lady "on a break" from Taylor Kinney.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Kate Upton shuns freebies, learning the difference between Tony Kushner and David Kushner the hard way, and Lady Gaga is a single lady "on a break" from Taylor Kinney.

George Soros stepped out with Tamiko Bolton, his new much younger girlfriend, just hours before he was supposed to be in court with Adriana Ferreyr, his old much-younger girlfriend. Bolton and Soros made the trip out of the house county: they circulated with "the crème de la crème at the Moet & Chandon and Audi screening, and French consulate after-party celebrating Harvey Weinstein’s induction into the Légion d’Honneur by Nicolas Sarkozy." Other notable guests in attendance included brother Bob, Charlie Rose, Jim Dolan, Peter Peterson, Paul Haggis, Stephen Schwarzman, various French cinema types, and Weinstein's mother Miriam. [Page Six]

This is down-to-earth and charming! It seems Kate Upton -- this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover lady-- is paying $25,000 of her own money to attend this year's über-fancy Costume Institute Gala. Anna Wintour, who really is everywhere these days, we think we just saw her emptying the coffee grounds in The Atlantic Wire kitchenette, apparently acted as Upton's ticket broker. Page Six on how Upton landed her ticket:

We’re told Upton recently went to Vogue’s 4 Times Square offices to meet Wintour, where Upton told the Vogue queen of her dream to go to the Met gala.

“She told Anna she would really like to attend,” said a source. “Then she offered to pay for her own ticket. Kate then whipped out her checkbook and paid the $25,000 for her seat. Anna took the check on the spot.

To be fair, Upton's just 19. She's got years of comp-demanding ahead of her. She can pay this once. [Page Six]

Charlayne Hunter-Gault -- one of the indistinguishable female voices that pops up on NPR each day to talk about nothing in a smart-sounding way - really screwed up at the PEN Literary Gala on Tuesday night. For some reason, Hunter-Gault was emceeing the event, which proved problematic when she introduced Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner by praising "that amazing tech article" he recently wrote for The New Yorker, adding that she read it "at 6 a.m. on [her] iPad" (Human touch.) The only trouble is, the piece she's thinking of was by David Kushner, a journalist who is writing a book about the Grand Theft Auto video game. [Page Six]

Oh, dear: it seems that Lady Gaga and boyfriend Taylor Kinney -- who is in The Vampire Diaries, probably in a vampiric capacity -- are "on a break," per a source with knowledge of their drip-drop breakup. They've been dating 10 months, but she's touring too much, and according to one friend, Taylor never exactly proved himself to be marriage material. "Taylor was all about himself, a typical actor, and didn't completely get Gaga," It should be noted there's no shame in not getting your girlfriend's aggressively eccentric stage persona. Like the last 30 minutes of L.A. Confidential, just trust that it all comes together in the end. [US Weekly]

John Edwards' daughter Cate -- the eldest one -- left her father's trial bawling yesterday, just before a former aide was about "to testify about an argument between John and Elizabeth Edwards after the National Enquirer revealed he was still hopping into bed with his pregnant mistress." By leaving, Cate Edwards avoided having to hear the blow-by-blow "of how her late mother, stricken with breast cancer, tore off her shirt during a meltdown over his cheating." [New York Daily News]

Jeb Bush and outgoing World Bank President Robert Zoellick had a 2.5 hour (!) dinner at the Bombay Club in D.C. on Tuesday night. Nobody knows what they were talking about, but it lasted longer than Bull Durham, Something Wild, and Network. [The Reliable Source]

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