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Jon Stewart thinks he's figured out the Obama administration's convoluted, "evolving" position on gay marriage once and for all. When Joe Biden voiced his support for gay marriage on his own, he and the president were just playing off each other like your mom and dad. "If it were up to me, honey, I'd let you go to the party," Stewart says, imitating Joe Biden. "Heck, I'd buy you a six pack, to share with your friends. But you know how your father is." 

Or maybe not. After Biden's Meet the Press appearance, the White House didn't seem thrilled with having to clean up Biden's mom-and-pop routine. But even then there was disagreement. Jay Carney said Biden was speaking only for himself, while David Alexrod tweeted the VP's sentiment was in line with the president's. All of which goes to show that it's getting difficult for Obama to have it both ways.

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