Jennifer Lopez an Idol No More?

Today: J.Lo might be voting herself off the show, Morgan Freeman heads to Vegas to get drunk, and the sad tale of Johnny Bananas.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: J.Lo might be voting herself off the show, Morgan Freeman heads to Vegas to get drunk, and the sad tale of Johnny Bananas.

Though she's hinted at it in various interviews—for example, telling Ellen DeGeneres she just wasn't sure about a third season recently—Wednesday brought the first "report" (see the source and thus understand the quotes) that Jennifer Lopez will be leaving her post as an American Idol judge after the season ends next week. (OMIGOD it's ending next weeeek!!!) The reasoning is that she's just too busy, and having to do all that sitting and judging nonsense just takes up too much time. For example, why do the judges need to be at the results show? They've already offered their critiques. Even when the Judges' Save is still in play, they could just call one of them up from wherever they are. There's no need to bogart J.Lo's time so, Idol. And yet bogart they did and now, some $25 million or something crazy like that later, she's out. No more. Well, maybe. Depends on who you believe. We think it's probably likely—what was another season worth to her beyond a showcase to perform new songs, which she can still do now that she's an emeritus (I mean, Ellen performs her songs on the show all the time)? But who knows. If she is leaving, it's time to start thinking of a replacement. Well, they have some time, but it's never too early. May we gently suggest Tan Mom? Actually, scratch that. May we urgently suggest Tan Mom? Come on. Do it. Tan Mom 2013. [E!]

Morgan Freeman is in talks to join the unfortunately named comedy Last Vegas, which is basically a movie about if one of the items on The Bucket List was to have a party in Las Vegas. Four old men—Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Freeman, and Kathleen Turner (no) — go to have a bachelor party for the last long unmarried holdout. So it's actually The Hangover: Senior Edition. They'll need old versions of every character then. Who is the old version of Ken Jeong? Probably just Ken Jeong. While the old version of Heather Graham is, of course, a dead dandelion in autumn. I don't know, Morgan. This doesn't sound like the best idea. [Deadline]

Hahaha. Remember when "Johnny Bananas" from MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge sued HBO and Entourage because there was that Johnny Drama cartoon about a monkey named Johnny Bananas and the buffoon from the Challenge thought they were ripping him off and that he was "known" in the entertainment industry as Johnny Bananas? Ha, well, a judge in New York has tossed out the lawsuit because it's insanely embarrassing and the kindhearted judge wanted to help Johnny save whatever little face he has left at this point. Well, OK, technically the lawsuit was thrown out because the statute of limitations had run out—the episodes aired in August 2010, Bananas didn't file until October 2011, more than the maximum year—but the judge was sure to add, "In any event, the telecast, even if repeated, does not constitute atrocious, indecent or utterly despicable conduct meeting the requirements for an intentional emotional distress claim." Hahah. "In any event." Sick burn, judge. Johnny? Ya burnt. Ya busted. Well, you were already both of those things—did you seriously sue a respected television network over a cartoon monkey on Entourage who had "your" nickname?? Haha, unreal—but now you're more so. Anyway, enjoy your next rum screamcation with all those other bloat bags. I will be, sigh, watching every episode. [The Hollywood Reporter]

TNT and TBS have announced a new slate of shows in development and, as expected, many of the TNT shows deal with law and crime, as most TNT shows are required to do. Other than those, there is one program that sounds almost exactly like that Andre Braughter submarine show that was just announced at upfronts, a comedy about a golf caddy, and a show about three roomates who discover that "an evil but very hip alien has moved into their building." An evil but very hip alien? What, like Drake or someone? [Deadline]

Here is a trailer for Hit and Run, an action comedy written and directed by, and starring, Dax Shepard. It looks... Well, it looks pretty much like you would expect "an action comedy written and directed by, and starring, Dax Shepard" to look.

And here is a trailer for Won't Back Down, an education drama starring the likable duo of Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal. (Yes, I know she seems like sort of a monster in person, but Gyllenhaal is a good actress.) It also features Holly Hunter, so it's absolutely got that goin' for it. This could be your typical schmaltzy Music of the Heart school empowerment type thing, or it could be a little grittier and realer. It looks to be the latter, mostly, but who knows. You go, girls.

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