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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: Both intelligent and well-spoken (well, mostly) politicians. Both now officially the presidential nominees for their respective parties. That's bad news for Jon Stewart, who makes his dough from political folly. But fortunately for him, there's a certain megalomaniac billionaire who's happy to give him all the comedic fodder he needed last night.

On yesterday's Daily Show, Stewart begged Donald Trump to reenter the presidential race, since it's just so easy to make fun of him—especially compared to the two real candidates. The Donald's latest bit of absurdity: On the day Romney clinched the Republican nod, he decided to appear in not one but three cable news interviews to talk up birtherism. According to Trump, "many people" (he doesn't name names) have their doubts about Obama's country of birth, and in a wonderful bit of hypocrisy he chastises CNN's Wolf Blitzer for asking about his birther beliefs, instead of focusing on economic issues, even though it was Trump who made it an issue in the first place. Please never change, Mr. Trump.


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