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Mark Zuckerberg still has at least one fan after that fiasco of an IPO, but it has nothing to do with his business maneuverings.

A commenter chiming in on Jen Doll's defense of the Zuckerberg-Chan wedding last weekend has just had it with over-the-top celebrity weddings, and thinks the pair are setting the right precedent. After all, we can't all have "like, hundreds of people and elephants," but we can eat Mexican food in the backyard as Chan and Zuckerberg reportedly did. Kookla writes:

I'm just hoping that people (mainly celebrities) who do have tons of cash to blow on ridiculous weddings, just to create "look at me" moments, will learn a lesson from these two and tone it down for the sake of human decency. Especially during these harsh economic times. Weddings are supposed to be personal, intimate and about the two people getting married. I say bravo to Zuckerberg and Chan for keeping it private and getting married exactly the way they wanted to.

Now when people accuse you of being cheap on your wedding day you can say, "I'm doing it like Zuckerberg!" That will totally save your dignity.


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