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Sometimes it's the simple points that we need to be reminded of most, which commenters demonstrated in their responses to Jen Doll's post on that "attachment child" featured Friday morning on The Today Show.

The kid, Aram Grumet, was a handful on the show, Doll pointed out: "But the other 'elephant in the room'—the thing you can't tear your eyes away from—is Aram himself, who sits cuddled next to Grumet when he's not climbing on her, interrupting the interview, calling 'Mom,' whispering and chanting, shouting 'NO!', and generally behaving, well, rather attached."

Not everybody likes it when you take a critical approach to a mother and child, but then, she did kind of ask for it, as this little exchange between Commenters MEFW and Andre Green shows:

Yes, that's a simple fix to a problem few of us—and our kids—will get to experience.

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