'I Do Pay for Media I Own'

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The cranky comments section of Rebecca Greenfield's post on Hollywood's beef with Silicon Valley started to reflect the post itself, though with the notable absence of anybody defending Hollywood or its representative, Ari Emanuel. Some just called Emanuel names, which we don't condone, but one did so in the middle of making a legitimate point, which we like. Commenter Justin Green writes:

I do pay for media I own, but I have a legitimate beef with this idiot.  Why should I have to pay again after a limited amount of downloads of a song that I bought?  Even iPads go bad, you know.  I really shouldn't have to pay every time their inferior CD products break or every time I choose to buy a new computer.

And he's got a point. You don't have to re-buy all your CDs when you get a new CD player, or your vinyl when you get a new turntable. Why should legitimately purchased MP3s be any different?

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