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The death of Donna Summer touched a lot of people, many of them our readers, and reminded us of a bygone era not just of musical genre but of technology. One commenter, Sheila Rider, remembered Summer through the media on which she recorded, starting with that 70s-era classic, the 8-track tape:

The first album I had of hers was when I was about 12 years old and it was an 8 track. I played it and played it and played it. When I finally wore the 8 track out I bought the cassette. ... Her music never got old and in my mind neither did she. I love you Donna Summer-forever the Disco Queen and a fabulous Diva! Rest peacefully beautiful lady.

Summer's music itself also bridged gaps between genres, such as with 1975's Love to Love You, which the Los Angeles Times called a "hit proto-techno single ... with a slinky minimalism and one of the best 12-inch extended mixes in disco." In case you haven't immersed yourself in enough Summer videos yet, here's the short version of that awesome hit:

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