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It was with a pang that we learned that thanks to a copyright complaint, the original RickRoll'D video had been removed from YouTube. But do not despair, people: There are still plenty of tools out there with which to RickRoll the unsuspecting.

TorrentFreak had the news on Wednesday (via Daily Dot) that AVG Technologies had requested the video for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" had been taken down, and YouTube had acquiesced. "Taking down a five-year-old video with tens of millions of views is strange enough, but it is far from clear why AVG Technologies – the people behind AVG Anti-Virus – would want to do so at all," TF blogger enigmax wrote. Who cares, though? You don't need the original RickRoll'd video to RickRoll people. There are all kinds of versions of "Never Gonna Give You Up" just waiting to be linked.

There's the original Astley video, of course, which works fine except for the fact that there's an ad at the beginning. Fans of the classics can still use this, and the people they RickRoll will make it to the video because they know. They know.

Then of course there's Astley's live 2008 performance at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which really is a meme classic, but like the above video won't do the job of instantly getting the song stuck in your victim's head. Still, remember how awesome this was?

To do the job of jamming the song directly into someone's head, you can still find plenty of Never Gonna Give You Up versions on YouTube that start right away, even if they don't carry the same video, like this one:

You could go with a cover. Naturally Barry Manilow's done a version:

Then of course there's the Family Guy version parodying Michael J. Fox's Johnny B. Goode performance in Back to the Future, which this YouTube user kind of awesomely remixed with the original video:

But maybe it's time for a new Rickroll. That's been tried before: There was the Epic Sax Guy who spawned Saxrolling, but we don't really trust a meme we found via CNN. This is probably a job best left to 4Chan, which started Rickrolling in the first place, but if you've got suggestions please leave them in the comments.

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