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Giving mom a day off and treating her to brunch or dinner every year makes Mother's Day one of the busiest day of the year for restaurants. Families will bring in $3.4 billion for the restaurant industry and this report called Mother's Day the biggest day of the year for restaurants. People spend just as much on Valentine's Day, the other annual holiday devoted to dinner, at about $3.6 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. Which day generates more money doesn't matter, what matters is that when everyone gets brunch today they get it at a reasonable hour

All of the holiday spending is what made Anna Jarvis, who is credited with inventing Mother's Day, absolutely hate her creation. According to the Washington Post's Valerie Strauss, Jarvis started the first Mother's Day observances as a memorial for her mom after she died. She came to hate the commercialization of it after congress officially recognized it as a holiday, and eventually restaurants realized they could make a killing off it. She came to hate it all so much, with your cards and your brunches with cantaloupe, that she was once arrested for protesting a sale of carnations. We can agree with her sentiment, for sure, because hydrangeas have always been our Mother's Day flower of choice. Our sister agrees with her, though. She hates buying cards for any holiday, ever. 

Mother's Day isn't a great day for everyone. The day can be a reminder that you've lost your mother earlier than expected like the New York Times' Frank Bruni. His column in Sunday's paper is an ode to his mom, who passed away in 1996. It's a nice thing to read especially if you're looking for that extra push to call your mom this morning. 

If you're into e-cards (and who isn't) then the Today Show has a collection of Mother's Day cards that are just right for you. 

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