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Today in books and publishing: The Devil Wears Prada has spawned a sequel, the last Orange Prize went to Madeline Miller, literary theory is still a joke.

Oh, look at this, there's going to be a sequel The Devil Wears Prada. It's going to be called Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns. (Even money says it will end up being called just Revenge Wears Prada.) Anyway: in the new, revenge-heavy installment Andy/Lauren Weisberger/Anne Hathaway is "editing The Plunge, the hottest bridal magazine around" (ha) with Emily/Emily Blunt as her deputy. Andrea/Anne Hathaway getting married soon -- to "a handsome media scion" no less (again, ha: media scions are rarely handsome) but it isn't long before she once again gets tangled up in Miranda Priestly/Anna Wintour/Meryl Streep's web of media intrigue and unreasonable demands. Simon & Schuster plans to publish the sequel next April, ten years after the original made the world aware of the devil's sartorial preferences. [EW]

Madeline Miller has won what may very well be the last of the Orange Prizes for her debut novel The Song of Achilles "a lyrical retelling of 'The Iliad'" with gay overtones. Good for her. The prize comes with a cash award worth about $46,600. [Arts Beat]

You know who doesn't think literary theory is stupid?  Noted literary theorist Terry Eagleton. He even ranks his favorite pieces of the very, very necessary branch of academia. Eagleton is smart and accesible. He should be writing about actual books.  [The Daily Beast]

Ali Larter: so much more engaging as a knockaround personage of note than potential, possible future movie and television star. (Though the whipped cream bikini scene from Varsity Blues was not without its charm.) Anyway: Larter has cookbook on the way called Kitchen Revelry that's being touted as the "anti-Goop" becuase it's full of simple, less-than-healthy recipes that don't require purchasing duck bacon. Just normal bacon! We're there. [Page Six]

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