'Dancing With the Stars' Stars to Dance!

Today: Get ready to see all your old favorites hoofing it once more, Alexander Payne plots his next move, and we find the catchphrase of the summer.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Get ready to see all your old favorites hoofing it once more, Alexander Payne plots his next move, and we find the catchphrase of the summer.

During today's upfronts presentation, ABC confirmed the rumor that there will be a big "all stars" version of Dancing With the Stars this fall. Imagine that? An all-star cast assembled from a group of people who were not stars to begin with?? It will be truly amazing. Who would be in your all-stars lineup? I think I'd pick Mario Lopez, and... Um, Lisa Rinna, sure, she was on that show... And didn't... Seinfeld? Something about Seinfeld feels familiar... And... that one... girl... who... Ashley? Was there anyone named Ashley? Joey Fatone was definitely on that show, but we are talking all-stars here, so we can't use him... Oh, I know. Sanjaya. He's a star dancer, right? He was on that show, with that girl who cried at him? I think that's it. OK, that would be my dream all-star Dancing With the Stars cast: Mario Lopez, Lisa Rinna, Seinfeld, a girl named Ashley, not Joey Fatone, and Sanjaya. What's yours?? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Though he took detours with Sideways and The Descendants, Alexander Payne is a good Midwestern boy, and he is returning to his roots with his next film Nebraska, a black & white road trip movie. And now he's announced to the studio that he'd like his leads, playing a father and son, to be Bruce Dern and Will Forte. Hm. After George Clooney was in the last one, those probably weren't the names the brass was hoping to hear. But they're the names he said. Payne apparently really wanted Gene Hackman for the dad role, but Hackman didn't want to come out of retirement. So, Bruce Dern it is. (Payne directed his daughter Laura in Citizen Ruth, after all.) Now all he has to do is get the studio, Paramount, to say yes. We can't imagine they'll be thrilled with these choices though. Perhaps prepare yourselves for Alexander Payne's Nebraska, starring Matthew Perry and Clint Eastwood. [Deadline]

Aw nuts. Genius director Alfonso Cuarón's new movie Gravity, a space drama with Sandra Bullock (seriously!), has been delayed yet again. Most recently scheduled for November, it will now open sometime in 2013. The movie is listed as in post-production on IMDb, so who knows what the reason could be. It was likely a studio issue. As it's apparently only Sandra Bullock alone in space for most of the movie, maybe Warner Bros. got skittish and are trying to convince Cuarón to add Chris Hemsworth to the movie or something. Y'know, for marketing. While we of course respect Cuarón's artistic vision, we kind of default have to agree with WB if that is in fact the case. [Collider, via Vulture]

Dear sweet delicate daisy Amy Adams is in talks to star in a dark, scary story of sadness and murder. She might play the lead in a movie adaptation of Dark Places, the well-reviewed and well-selling novel from one-time Entertainment Weekly TV critic (and boy was she a good one) Gillian Flynn. Adams would play a girl who long ago testified against her brother in the murder of their family only to realize years later that he might not have done it. Sounds like a great project, but I don't know. Will there be songs and sweetness and nice puppets? Will anyone giggle? What will Amy Adams do?? (Oh, she'll just do like she did in Doubt? Oh, OK.) [Deadline]

Here's a new clip from Snow White and the Huntsman, and while it's all rather interesting, clearly the best and most important part comes early on. Specifically, if someone could make me some sort of repeating audio gif type thing of Chris Hemsworth yelling "TROLL!!" I'd be much obliged. I think we have our summertime catchphrase, guysss.... "Troll!!" Get into it.

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