Conan and Letterman, Together Again

 Two old talk show pals reunite, NBC is keeping people employed and Dunder Mifflin, and Charlize Theron sounds funny.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Two old talk show pals reunite, NBC is keeping people employed and Dunder Mifflin, and Charlize Theron sounds funny.

A week from today, Conan O'Brien, who replaced David Letterman as host of NBC's Late Night almost twenty years ago, will appear on Letterman's Late Show for the first time in 13 years. No idea what they'll talk about — presumably Conan will plug some kind of something, his talk show at least — but it's a likely bet that they'll share fond stories of Jay Leno and NBC, laughing into nostalgic sighs about the good old days. Should be a great time! [The Hollywood Reporter]

John Krasinksi, Jenna Fischer, and Ed Helms have all finalized deals to return to The Office for another season, though for Krasinski and Helms it could be a limited season, as they're both working in movies a lot. (I guess, sadly, not so much for Fischer.) Obviously the show could not have really continued on without these three, so it's a sigh of relief probably for both NBC and the remaining Office fan. NBC is renewing things fast and furious now — they just took care of 30 Rock and Parenthood — but The Office isn't officially picked up. But it's basically 100% gonna happen. [Deadline]

NBC has also picked up the new series First Do No Harm, a modern Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tale about a talented neurosurgeon who has a dangerous alter ego. Phylicia Rashad is on the show, but sadly, no, she is not playing the neurosurgeon who turns evil sometimes. (That'd be Steven Pasquale from Rescue Me.) The Peacock has also decided to go with the Revenge rip-off Notorious, about a police officer (Meagan Good) who goes undercover as a maid's daughter to infiltrate the rich family she grew up in to solve a murder. So it's basically last night's Revenge. It sounds a lot like last night's Revenge. Keep pumping out the dynamite, NBC! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Guillermo del Toro is apparently going to co-direct a 3D stop-motion animation version of Pinocchio, so that will be fun. Can't wait for Geppetto to have eyeballs growing out of his hands and for Jiminy Cricket to be some kind of demon from an H.P. Lovecraft novel. God, Pleasure Island is going to be terrifying. [Entertainment Weekly]

There will soon be a new musical about Charlie Chaplin hoofin' it on the White Way, as Chaplin arrives at the Barrymore in August. A musical about silent film poses some interesting thematic challenges, but if anyone can figure it out it's the creative geniuses of Broadway. Hopefully they'll employ the same solving technique that gave The Little Mermaid the Heely shoes. Actually just make everyone in Chaplin be on Heelies. Why not. [Playbill]

Fox has renewed its cartoon shows Family Guy and American Dad through 2014. There's no word about The Cleveland Show, so there's hope for humanity yet. [Entertainment Weekly]

Cameron Diaz has signed on to star in an action comedy called Agent: Century 21, about a real estate agent who accidentally gets sucked into a hilarious Mexican drug war. Sounds really funny! Can't wait til the raucous scene when she's running through Juarez in her cute heels squealing "Oh, a body! Oh no, a head! Ew, a pile of corpses of police officers and innocent people!" Should be really terrific. That whole situation is just great comedic fodder, especially for an appealing comedienne like Cameron Diaz. Hope the sequel takes place in Haiti. [Deadline]

This is a clip from the omgigod-you-guys-it's-coming-soon Snow White and the Huntsman, and it is notable for two reasons: 1) Charlize Theron, who is great so forgive us, kiiiiiind of sounds like she has an "r's" speech impediment with this accent, does she not? I mean, I'm sure she'll be good in it, but "widowahh" sounds a leeeetle Elmer Fudd. And 2) Chris Hemsworth, huh? No, not that he's an oaken dreamboat carved from some glorious Westeros godswood. (Though that is true.) Really he just kinda commands on screen, y'know? Gabe at Videogum said the other day that Chris Hemsworth "is the first dude I’ve seen in a movie in a long time where you are just like oh yeah, totally, no you should for sure be in movies." And that is totally true. He is just a movie star! He really is. I think he is the new One. Big things, I suspect. Big, big things.

And here is the first trailer for Gangster Squad, the LA-set noir about Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) and the G-men who aimed to hunt him down. It's directed by the guy who directed Zombieland so it doesn't look all that serious. It's more actiony than drama-y. Also Ryan Gosling has a weird, high, soft voice in it. He's "doing something." It's an "actor choice." So, OK. Let's just go with it.

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