Bruce Springsteen Wants to Sweat Like a Dog; Liam Neeson Gets It

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We realize there's only so much time one can spend in a day watching new trailers, viral video clips, and shaky cell phone footage of people arguing on live television. This is why every day The Atlantic Wire highlights the videos that truly earn your five minutes (or less) of attention.

We frequently cite Bruce Springsteen as the hardest working man in show business around these parts, and the soundcheck before his Sunday concert in Seville proves it. This is the first show of the European leg (read: the sightseeing leg) of his Wrecking Ball Tour, and he's getting mad at the local roadies for not understanding why he wants to "sweat like a dog." Pure Bruce. (Incidentally, the show clocked in at 160 minutes --  20 minutes less than the 3-hour marathon he put on in Washington, D.C. last month, but still very good and enough to make the heartiest E Streeter sweat like a dog.)  []

Ooh, say, this is nifty and tragic: video of the 20-mile crack in Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf as seen from above. It's going to create a giant iceberg "about fifteen times the size of Manhattan," which is interesting, but really probably shouldn't be, despite what the peppy narrator says. Still: amazing visuals. [Live Science]

Vulture has put together a very thorough supercut of movie characters with no reflections. Thorough and interesting, but you know what would be more interesting? Movie characters who shouldn't have reflections -- like Bela Lugosi in Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein -- who do have reflections, because of oversight by the continuity guy/gal. This is pretty good too, though. [via Vulture]

Liam Neeeson -- who has replaced Christopher Walken and Alec Baldwin in the role of "allegedly unpredictable Christopher Walken/Alec Baldwin-type character actor" stopped by Weekend Update last week to do his Liam Neeson kinda-funny, kinda-menacing routine. We'd like to make fun of the result -- or note that the whole schtick has been done to death -- but the bit was 24 karat gold. [via NBC]

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