Is This Bill Murray's Oscar Movie?

Today: A new Bill Murray might be awards bait, MTV cancels a polarizing show, and Marvel is making so much money.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: A new Bill Murray might be awards bait, MTV cancels a polarizing show, and Marvel is making so much money.

A million years ago, back in the late 1990s, everyone started thinking that, hey, maybe Bill Murray should get an Oscar. He reemerged on the scene in Wes Anderson's Rushmore and then he did Cradle Will Rock and The Royal Tenenbaums and, of course, Lost In Translation. Everyone thought he might win for that, but then crusty old coffee-breath Sean Penn had to come along and win it for Mystic Stupid or whatever. Murray made another unsuccessful stab for awards glory with Broken Flowers but then, well, things puttered out a bit. Until now! Now here is the trailer for Hyde Park on Hudson, a pretty-looking period comedy/drama in which Murray plays Franklin Delano Roosevelt alongside Laura Linney and fancy British people. This just might do it! Plus he's really doing a character here instead of all that deadpan sardonic stuff he's been doing for, oh you know, decades now. This could either be a small misfire or it could be The King's Speech. Who knows! We're rooting for the latter, though. Maybe Laura Linney could finally get an Oscar too.

Um, missed this news last night but it's worth talking about now. MTV has canceled their Girls-esque (young people in Brooklyn talking funny and doin' sex) show I Just Want My Pants Back. Which, on the one hand, is like yay because boy oh boy was that show annoying and thinking it was so cool all the time when it was really lame and stuff. But on the other hand, aw nuts because that sort of misguided strut made it pretty dang entertaining. Basically this news elicits both a chuckle and a little frown. Ack, to be cleaved in two so! Strange torment! At least Teen Wolf season 2 is coming along soon to soothe these jangled nerves. At least there's that. [Deadline]

Not sure if you guys heard this, but basically The Avengers is making a lot of scratch. A ton of dough. A heap of bones. So many clams. Just a great amount of money. How much money? $1.07 billion as of now, making it the 6th highest-grossing movie of all time, after just a few weeks of release. Pretty crazy. Meanwhile, Battleship, which is actually really fun, is projected to have a not-so-good $30-40 million opening. Not great news considering it cost a reported $200 million to make. Hey, Avengers, you sunk my— Well, you get it. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The very busy Elizabeth Banks has just signed on to star in True Blood/Six Feet Under mastermind Alan Ball's movie What's the Matter With Margie. The film is about "a downtrodden office worker who after years of abuse finally snaps and resorts to murdering her tormenters." So basically it's Falling Down meets Office Space. Or it's scary thing that has happened in the real world meets Alan Ball's copy of Final Draft. Either way. [Deadline]

Australian dynamos Cate Blanchett and Mia Wasikowska have both been cast as New Yorkers in Carol, an adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel. Wasikowska will play a bored shopgirl looking for more fulfilling life, while Blanchett will play a sad rich lady in a bad marriage. Presumably they will somehow come together at some point and say "G'day, I mean, hello, how are you, care for a shrimp on the barb— I mean, American hot dog?" Because that's always what Australian people sound like when they're pretending to be American. Always. [Deadline]

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