Ben Affleck Is Back in Charge

Ben Affleck's new film looks good, Nicolas Cage goes on a wild ride, and Sanjay Gupta has a show.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Ben Affleck's new film looks good, Nicolas Cage goes on a wild ride, and Sanjay Gupta has a show.

Here is the first trailer for Ben Affleck's third directorial effort, the true story thriller Argo, about the 1979 Iran hostage crisis and the wacky plan cooked up by a CIA guy (Affleck) that involved creating a whole fake movie to convince the Iranians that six Americans trapped in Tehran were a film crew scouting locations. And the wacky thing worked! So this is the movie about that and it looks exciting and kinda funny and Ben Affleck might really be well on his way to becoming a top-tier director. Good for him! And look how well-cast this movie is: Bryan Cranston, Rory freakin' Cochrane, Victor Garber, and best of all Clea Duvall, looking like she's got a big part and everything. Very exciting. We are bullish on this one! And not because The Argo was the name our high school newspaper. (Though it was.)

Oh, dear. This will not end well. Nicolas Cage and Johnny Knoxville are teaming up to do a movie about a wild road trip in which Cage plays a crazy murderer. To whoever is making this movie: Are you aware of who Nicolas Cage is and what he is capable of? Do you know what happened during Ghost Rider? Give that a read and then maybe really think about whether you want to have Nicolas Cage playing a crazy road-tripping murderer near innocent civilians for several months, and then really rethink if you want to involve Johnny Knoxville in the whole thing, too. Because any blood or other calamity will be on your hands should things turn nuts. Just be aware of that. [Deadline]

TNT has picked up the medical series Monday Mornings, produced by David E. Kelley and based on a book by celbu-trician Sanjay Gupta. The series stars Ving Rhames and Alfred Molina, and is about "morbidity and mortality conferences," which are weekly meetings about shit that went wrong at the hospital and people dying and stuff. Sounds cheery! The show was originally called Chelsea General, but I guess they had to change it when that gay military-themed bar on 17th and 8th sued them for infringement or something. [The Hollywood Reporter]

After a bout with the MPAA over its NC-17 rating, the dark indie Killer Joe will be released with that rating after all on July 27th. The movie stars Matthew McConaughey — who seems to be entering a darker and more serious phase of his career, perhaps in the pursuit of regaining old cred he had back in his Amistad and Time to Kill days, before Kate Hudson came along and ruined everything — and is about a cop who also works as a hitman. It looks crazy violent but also kinda really good, so we're glad that it's going to come out even with that box office kiss of death rating. We'll go see it anyway! Sorry, under-17ers. Sucks to be you. [Entertainment Weekly]

An Anna Faris-less Scary Movie 5 is officially in the works and apparently the movie will be a spoof of Black Swan and will be about two ballerinas, one white and one black, competing for a juicy role. So that will be terrific. How could that be anything but terrific? The white girl will be all prissy and lame and the black girl will be all "urban" and whatnot and outrageous things will happen and all the teenagers in the audience will scream and scream and scream with joy, except the one kid who got dragged to the damn thing by his friends after they couldn't get into Killer Joe because it was rated stupid NC-17. Sigh. [Vulture]

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