Baseball Player Leaves Adorable Note So He Can Rush to Help His Wife

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We don't cover sports around here too often, but this is special: a Milwaukee Brewers pitcher left an adorable note for reporters after he had to run out of the stadium last night to get to the hospital because his wife is eight months pregnant and was having contractions. John Axford was on a streak of 49 consecutive saves before the ninth inning of last night's Cubs-Brewers game when he gave up three runs to the Cubs and the game was forced into extra innings. The Brewers eventually won, but Axelford wasn't in the locker room to talk to media after the game. Instead of talking about how he just hopes he can help the ball club, and get out there again to give it 110% percent, in his locker was this note, tweeted by reporter Jordan Schelling

Schelling later tweeted that doctors were able to stop the contractions and that everything should be okay. Happy endings! Yay! 

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