'The Avengers' Is Already Huge

Today: Marvel has another hit on its hands, Lifetime gets a new look, and HBO lost big.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Marvel has another hit on its hands, Lifetime gets a new look, and HBO lost big.

Marvel's big superhero supermix The Avengers is still a couple days away from opening in the world's biggest moviegoing country, this here US of A, and yet it's already a mega freaking hit. With $260.5 million reaped in overseas already, and another $150 or so expected in the next few days, and an estimated haul of $160 million in America this weekend, by Sunday—meaning a week and change after it opened anywhere—the film may have earned $585 million. That's a pretty gosh darn big movie. I mean, that's more than I make in a year! And it's twice as much as The Green Lantern made in total. So everyone at Marvel/Disney must be sitting pretty, but hopefully none more so than director Joss Whedon. We'd hope this means the beloved cult fave will now get free reign to direct whatever the hell he wants. That's a world we want to live in. So avenge away, you muscly wonders! Pound your hammer, Thor! Fire your jets, Iron Man! Thump your fists, Hulk! Keep wriggling, Black Widow! But yes, Thor, mostly you. Keep working the hammer. [Deadline]

Lifetime: Television For Burgeoning Klonopin Addicts has a spiffy new logo. Gone is that embarrassingly dated craftwork font, replaced by a thing that looks like, well, a tampon logo, kind of. Y'know? Or the logo for some kind of lady medicine? It's oddly clinical. And they have a new slogan: "Your life. Your time." Get it? Because the network is called Lifetime? So you should spend YOUR LIFE and YOUR TIME sitting on the couch watching crappy movies about women being murdered that were all filmed in the same neighborhood of Vancouver on the same gray day. Looking forward to it! [Entertainment Weekly]

Yikes, the abrupt cancellation of HBO's Luck, which was already in production on a second season, cost the network a whopping $35 million. So, that's not good. But you know what it's better than? It's better than continuing to make an arrogantly inscrutable show that very few people like and that keeps accidentally killing horses. Losing $35 million is probably a little better than that. [Deadline]

Dear god. Perhaps the two most decent-seeming and thus beloved actors working today, '60s sex man Jon Hamm and British good thing in a small package Daniel Radcliffe, might soon be working together. Sort of. There's talk they might both star in a British miniseries about World War I medics, with Hamm narrating the tale and Radcliffe playing his younger self. So that could be very interesting! We can't wait for the scene toward the end where Hamm says in a wistful tone, "Yes, and then sometime after the war I grew seven inches." That will be the most uplifting part. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here's a trailer for the grim-looking Australian horror movie The Loved Ones, about a boy (the positively dreamboaterrific Xavier Samuel) who turns down the wrong girl's prom invitation. So she and her creepy dad kidnap him and stage some sort of horrific fake dance all while torturing him, which includes bashing his toes with a hammer, almost Misery style. The movie looks pretty brutal, but maybe sort of appealing? The whole "It's Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Sixteen Candles" blurb, while probably an indication that the movie is terrible, is nonetheless intriguing. Plus, y'know, Xavierrrr.

And here is a trailer for the resounding Sundance success Beasts of the Southern Wild, a mystical mythical picaresque about a little girl and a great flood. Try to watch it without getting shivers.

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