The Animated GIF Guide to Obama's Clooney Party Tonight

What exactly will go down in Hollywood tonight? Only the GIFs know for sure.

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As The Atlantic Wire noted last week, there's a fun, popular (almost too popular) meme that sprung up around a Tumblr called #WhatShouldWeCallMe and its use of animated GIFs. With Barack Obama set to roll into Hollywood tonight and raise some funds at George Clooney's, we thought we'd give the old GIF thing a whirl...

When Obama asks if he should dump Biden

And when I  hear Biden talking about his manhood from across the room

When Michelle ignores me

When someone tells me Maureen Dowd is here

If anyone asks, "Where's Gosling?"

When the band gets going

Then someone asks me about Sudan

When Obama asks "What kind of wine are we serving?"

When someone says "We're raising $16 million tonight"

When someone says "$16 million isn't close to the $26 Million Robin Williams and Lenny Kravitz raised in 2000"

When It's Last Call

When Obama finally says, "Thanks, George."

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