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Welcome back to the Box Office Report, where Johnny Depp's smirk goes head-to-head with Robert Downey Jr.'s smirk, and loses

1. Marvel's The Avengers (Buena Vista): $103 million in 4,349 theatres [Week 2]

The Avenger's $103 million is the biggest second weekend take of all time. The movie's already made over a billion dollars globally and is on track to be one of the top 5 most financially successful movies of all time. I think we can safely label this movie a success. We're giving all the credit to the schawarma scene.

2. Dark Shadows (WB): $28.8 million in 3,755 theaters

Second place was going to be the best Dark Shadows could hope for, but the $28.8 million opening weekend is being seen as a disappointment. Let's hope they get the hint and Depp will stop mailing in his performances and Burton will leave the macabre schtick behind and make more movies like Mars Attacks!

3. Think Like A Man (Screen Gems): $6.3 million in 2,052 theaters [Week 4]

4. The Hunger Games (Lionsgate): $4.4 million in 2,531 theaters  [Week 8]

The really obvious extra-curricular film homework that everyone assigns for HG fans is the beloved Japanese cult classic Battle Royale. We'd like to suggest Series 7: The Contenders, a 2001 movie about a reality show where random people are given a gun and told to track down the other contestants until there's only one left. 

5. The Lucky One (WB): $4.1 million in 2,839 theaters [Week 4]

You need a fifth movie if you're going to have a "top five" list, and so here we are. 


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