When Your 'Business' Card Goes Viral

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One guy is learning what happens when your business card does too good a job of putting your name out there. Kyle, a 23-year- old from Connecticut (who declined to give his last name) made the business card pictured above, which makes clever use of the lyrics from the crazy-catchy Carly Rae Jepsen hit "Call Me Maybe", as a sort of pickup prop.

Thursday night, he gave it to a woman who took a picture (we added the redaction) and posted it on Facebook. (Some women, apparently, have a penchant for sending their dates viral.) From there, it made its way around the Web. We spotted it when Fuse TV tweeted out the photo, writing, "Retweet if this business card makes you want to call this random man." As "Call Me Maybe" fans, we loved the idea, and wondered just how much spam this viral business card is getting Kyle. So we did what anyone would do: we spammed him. Fortunately, Kyle was happy to chat with us. Here's a Q&A (condensed and edited a bit):

The Atlantic Wire: Where'd the idea for the card come from?

Kyle: I confess I have a guilty pleasure for that song and I was listening to the lyrics and I was like, this would be a good pick up line. I told it to my buddies and they were like, you should get a business card. I gave it to a girl last night and within 14 hours like 500,000* people have viewed this thing.

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AW: So that's how it got out? This girl?

Kyle: Yeah I saw her take a picture of it. I just assumed she was gonna put it to her Facebook page but I guess someone saw it and posted it to reddit .com so that’s where it blew up.

AW: Getting a lot of spam?

Kyle: I’ve gotten hundreds of texts today.

AW: And calls?

Kyle: Yeah there was a bunch. From all over the country. Boston, New York, California, Michigan, Seattle...

AW: What does one talk about on that kind of call?

Kyle: Well, I’m at work today so most of them I couldn't really pick up . I’ve been responding to most of the text messages as much as I can. Some are pretty out there.

AW: So has it worked as a pick-up line?

Kyle: Absolutely.  Its all about delivery and tone.

AW: Do you worry you're going to have to change phone numbers? Has the spam been heavy?

Kyle: It hasn't been light, but I find it entertaining. It's been keeping busy all day long. I figure it’ll calm down.

Godspeed, Kyle. 


*Not 5,000 as the post initially had it written. 

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