'Think Like a Man' Takes Down 'Hunger Games'

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The Hunger Games' reign atop the box office didn't surprise anyone. The books had a rabid teen following that was going to support it for weeks. If someone came to you two weeks ago and said the movie to knock it off the top of the box office was based off a Steve Harvey book, and it had Chris Brown in it, you wouldn't believe them, right? You might even call them crazy.

1. Think Like A Man (Screen Gems): $33 million in 2,015 theaters

Well, that happened. The Kevin Hart-led romantic comedy is the surprise hit of the weekend. It got top marks from males and viewers under twenty five, which is probably what led to it's dominance. Never underestimate the romantic comedy that can appeal to both halves of the relationship. Even Turtle from Entourage is in this movie, how could your boyfriend NOT love it?

2. The Lucky One (WB): $22.8 million in 3,155 theaters

If Think Like A Man aimed for couples looking for comedy, The Lucky One was looking for the "girls who want to cry a lot" demographic. It's written by Nicholas Sparks, the man responsible for date-night tearjerkers The Notebook and Dear John, and stars a newly buff Zac Efron, who's doing his best to stay pretty and relevant. 

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3. The Hunger Games (Lionsgate): $14.5 million in 3,752 theaters  [Week 5]

We now live in a post-Hunger Games movie season. The movie finally cracked the top twenty domestic earners of all time this week, and broke the $350 million mark this weekend. A juggernaut like this won't be seen until... Well, until The Avengers comes out in two weeks, and then again when the Dark Night Rises comes out in July. 

4. Chimpanzee (Beuna Vista): $10.2 million in 1,563 theaters 

There's an unconfirmed rumour going around that all $10 million of the movie's earnings were from Mitt Romney's private screenings

5. The Three Stooges (Fox): $9.2 million in 3,482 theaters [Week 2]

They haven't even earned back the full $30 million it took to make this movie. After this weekend they're just shy, coming in at $29.5 million over the last two weeks. And now you're asking yourself, where did a studio put $30 million into this?

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