Tebow Booed in New York; Yachtsmen Mourned in San Francisco

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Today in sports: Tim Tebow gets booed at a Yankee game, a yacht race turns deadly in San Francisco, New Orleans gets the NBA All-Star Game, Boston's too hot for a good marathon, and Derrick Rose is still complaining.

New York's baseball fans don't seem to think much of the Jets' new backup quarterback, Tim Tebow, who received a Yankee Stadium-load of boos when a non-JumboTron screen showed him in the crowd. What's funny is that even though Tebow is now the hometown boy, it was Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade, who he was sitting next to, who managed to win over the crowd with his headwear, which Tebow could not. Both wore Yankee caps, and both got booed. "But those boos quickly turned to cheers when Wade held up his Yankees cap," the AP reported. Tebow apparently needs to do more than wear the right hat to win the favor of his new fan base. Perhaps he should stick to courting Floridians. [MyWay / AP]

The San Francisco sailing world is grieving Monday after the Coast Guard ended its search for four members of a yacht's crew who were washed overboard during a race around the Farallon Islands Saturday. One other sailor was confirmed dead and three survived. For anybody who's braved the often rough waters off the Golden Gate, the disaster really is a mariner's worst fears coming true: The boat, Low Speed Chase, took a wave across its broadside while rounding the Farallones, 28 miles off the San Francisco coast, washing five of its eight-member crew overboard. When the remaining three turned to try to rescue them, another wave hit them and drove the boat into the rocky shore of the islands, washing two more off and leaving one on board with a broken leg. Those two managed to climb to safety, and the one on board was rescued, but one of the initial five who went in was found dead, and the other four have disappeared. [SF Chronicle / LA Times]

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In reporting on the NBA's decision to hold the 2014 All-Star Game in New Orleans (which hosted it in 2008), Deadspin makes the point that "no one cares about the actual All-Star Game. It's all about All-Star Weekend, and the accompanying nightlife." And that's why the league loves having the game in New Orleans and other warm-weather cities such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, apparently. But the 2014 decision was also part of Tom Benson's agreement in buying the Hornets, Deadspin notes. And USA Today makes the point that the clock's ticking on the city's availability as conflicts with Mardi Gras stack up: "Mardi Gras in 2014 is March 4 ...  well after the traditional mid-February date for All-Star weekend. Mardi Gras falls in mid-February in 2015 and 2016. The NBA might have waited until 2017, but Benson then would be 89." [Deadspin / USA Today]

Boston nearly broke its own record for the slowest-ever Boston Marathon, as temperatures hit the 80s (highs usually climb into the low  50s this time of year). The winner, Kenyan Wesley Korir, set a time more than five minutes behind last year's winning time. It was the second-slowest race since 1985, the Wall Street Journal reported. But at least Korir finished. Solid numbers aren't available yet, but as many as 4,300 of the race's 27,000 registrants are thought to have sat out the race thanks to the heat. [WSJ]

Chicago Bulls MVP Derrick Rose already cost himself $25,000 complaining about too few foul calls against his defenders, but he maintains his right to gripe. After a referee dinged Detroit Pistons' Charlie Villanueva for a flagrant foul against Rose in Sunday's game, and another technical foul for arguing, Rose still couldn't help but confront Villanueva for bloodying the bridge of his nose. "I'm sick and tired of people trying to take cheap shots at me. You got to say something," Rose told ESPN. "He didn't even aim for the ball. At least go for the ball. I felt like he didn't and that's the reason why I got mad a little bit." Rose argued with Villanueva and then complained to the press, but so far he hasn't been fined. [ESPN]

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