Tareq Salahi Crashes Our News Cycle Again

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Tareq Salahi, one half of the couple that famously crashed a White House party while filming for The Real Housewives of D.C., has once again forced his way into our collective consciousness by announcing that he's considering a run for the Virginia governorship. Not for nothing did The New York Times's Austin Considine once describe Salahi and his then-wife Michaele (you'll recall she's since left him for the guitarist in Journey -- these guys!) saying, "they seem determined to extend their fame beyond its proverbial 15 minutes." We'd all love to thwart them in that effort, but sweet lord, this news is too good for many outlets to let pass unnoted. The Washington Post's Laura Vozella and Anita Kumart report:

Salahi told The Post Wednesday that he will run, as a Republican, to avenge a recent lawsuit brought against him by another GOP gubernatorial hopeful: Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II.

"Its not part of reality TV. It’s not a stunt," Salahi said in an interview. "It's real."

First off, Tareq, can't it be both? Secondly, when your announcement must be footnoted with "this isn't a joke," that's usually a red flag.

Also, the Post gives credit to TMZ, which originally reported the news, in a hilariously snide fashion: "News of his political aspirations were first reported by TMZ, which until now has had more reason than political reporters to be plugged into the polo socialite’s doings." That about sums up Salahi's odds of winning this thing. We'd love to say that this will be but a blip on the Salahis-in-the-news radar, but if he actually mounts a run, we're pretty sure people will pay attention. For reality stars, the allure of publicly mulling a run for office has much to recommend it.

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