Springsteen Made Chris Christie Sleepy; Princess Di's Stardust Dreams

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: The Boss makes Chris Christie very tired, George Clooney is putting together a big score for Obama, and Kanye West may not have been Kim Kardashian's first choice for the role of new pretend boyfriend. 

Nobody -- with the possible exception of Luke Russert -- has worked harder than Chris Christie in recent years to convince America that he really, truly adores Bruce Springsteen. Christie claims to have attended over 100 shows, performed "Glory Days" at his inaugural ball, and recently asked The Boss to play a Labor Day concert in Atlantic City. So why did he fall asleep Monday night during Springsteen's show at Madison Square Garden? Unclear! "The governor was very active during the show," says a spy who was seated nearby. "Bruce started talking about ‘supporting food banks in New York and New Jersey,’ and ‘how people have been hit hard,’ and Christie was riveted. Then Bruce performed "Rocky Ground," and Christie visibly started fading.” Page Six notes it received, but did not run, a photo of the drowsy governor "dressed in a casual blue shirt, resting his head on his hand, apparently taking a disco nap." One helpful fan tried to cut the disco nap short by shouting “Wake up, Governor!" but according to a source, the heckle just put Christie's security detail "on edge." Christie's rep isn't commenting on whether the governor took a nap and missed the four remaining encores -- a murderers row that included "Rosalita," "Born to Run," "Dancing in the Dark," and "Tenth-Avenue Freeze Out" -- but denies the security detail was "on edge" about anything. Maybe they were just tired. (For the curious, here's the song that turned off Christie's lights at MSG, taken from the Friday concert.) [Page Six]

George Clooney is going to co-host a fancy Hollywood fundraiser for President Obama with Jeffrey Katzenberg. The event will be held at Clooney's house -- not the villa -- next month. 150 guests are expected for the $40,000-a-head fundraiser, which would bring the evening's haul up close to $6 million. Not Danny Ocean money, but the president will take it. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

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Noted accent botcher Kevin Costner says that Princess Diana was interested in appearing opposite him in a sequel to The Bodyguard. Costner tells Anderson Cooper in an interview that won't air until May that he "told her I would take care of her just the same way that I took care of Whitney." We can imagine Costner making a similar pitch to many famous ladies in the mid-1990s, but he's adamant this wasn't idle cocktail party chatter, of the "Christine Todd Whitman, you and I should make a Bodyguard sequel" variety. "She wanted me to write it for her," Costner says. "I said 'I'll tailor it for you if you're interested.' She goes, 'I am interested.'" Alas. [Us Weekly]

On Friday, Heidi Klum officially filed for divorce from Seal. So yesterday, in a classic bit of oneupsmanship, Seal filed his own batch of divorce paperwork. The move carries a whiff of "You can't fire me, I quit!" panic, but in Seal's defense, he really had to do something: ever since the separation in January, he's been moping around, self-critiquing himself to Piers Morgan and telling Billy Bush there's a chance she could come back, it happens all the time. Which obviously was never going to happen, what with Heidi Klum out there living her life and Seal talking and talking and talking and talking. Now it's his thing too. [Us Weekly]

Before Kim Kardashian began stunt dating Kanye West last week, it seems she kicked the tires on a possible reunion with Reggie Bush. A source says she met with her running back ex at his place in South Beach several weeks ago and engaged him in "long and thoughtful conversations about what their future could look like together." You know, because men are powerless to resist long and thoughtful conversations about the future. Bush, to his credit, held firm and did not backslide. "[H]e just doesn't see a future with her," explains the source. [Radar]

Oh dear: various unnamed sources close to Amanda Bynes say the actress has been a "little lost" since 2008, when her career apparently started to slow down. Oh, and a different source calls her a "very sweet girl" who was "raised in the industry and came up in the industry, so she has kind of a twisted head space in terms of social groups." Stories about very sweet, slightly lost girls with twisted head spaces rarely end well, and Bynes isn't exactly bucking the trend with her early-morning accident involving a police car that got her booked on suspicion of DUI. But at least she doesn't drink. [People]

Bloomberg TV and Street Smart anchor Lisa Murphy apparently "parted ways" last week. Bloomberg TV cut 30 staffers last month, but a spokesperson says Murphy's departure didn't have anything to do with those layoffs. Intriguing.  [TVNewser]

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